Fast-track Your Jewelry Business Online

Social Media is an ultimate platform to showcase fine jewellery and accessories, there’s no doubt about it. The increasing popularity of Instagram and its impact on the jewellery business online is evident. Customers are looking forward to the best deals they can get while jewellery brands are affiliating with popular e-commerce portals for more sales.

Consider the following Online Jewelry Sales Statistics –

  • The Global Jewelry Market is growing online with a rate of 5% per year. (Research & Markets, 2018)
  • Online Fashion Jewelry will capture 15% of the total e-commerce market by 2020. (Forbes Retail Report, 2019)
  • The share of online jewellery sales in the Luxury Products Category will double by 2020. (Mckinsey & Co.)

India’s biggest online jewellery company – Carat Lane’s CEO – Mithun Sacheti says – “The Indian Online Jewelry Market is exploding.” In an increasingly digital age where customers are embracing smarter and efficient purchase options, your products can perform to its full potential if it reaches its market segment effectively.

Whether you want to retail your jewellery products online or not, it’s requisite for your brand to maintain a robust online presence. While newcomers are flooding into the online space, there are so many local jewellery brands that are still focused on offline retail. If you really want to expand your sales, digital marketing is the ultimate key.

Here’s how you can market your jewellery business online –

Define Your Objective

Digital is all about a target-oriented approach. If it’s about online sales, you’ll need a full-fledged e-commerce plan for your jewellery business. But if you actually want to bring footfalls in your showroom, you need an online jewellery promotion strategy where brand awareness and targeted reach encompasses your audience around your brand’s online environment.

Be Real

Now when your objective is defined, your brand should generate the trust factor that’s terribly important in the jewellery business. From designs to content, your whole digital environment should display the authenticity and reliability of your brand. Jewellery products fall in the luxury category and it needs a meticulously performed marketing to make the right appeal.

Highlight Your Craftsmanship

Remember – the better the exposure, the higher the visibility. Your craftsmanship is the true strength of your jewellery brand that can enhance your exposure in the most unique and exceptional way. You’ll need superb designs that attract, connect, engage and convert your audience.

Focus on GIFs & Videos

People on the internet love to watch videos. If your content is able to invoke interest amongst them, there’s no doubt that you’ll get your targeted reach. At the same time, a unique content marketing strategy for your jewellery products can transcend your brand’s reputation which is a key to make loyal customers.

Affiliate with Influencers

You’re talking about 21st Century Fashion World where most of the purchases are driven by influence. To expand your reach, you’ll need to join hands with fashion influencers, bloggers, showbiz professionals like models and actresses. These people can significantly upscale your reach with a specified content distribution plan.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Gathering the audience around your brand is one thing. Engaging them and not letting them go towards any of your competitors is another. That’s where interaction matters, especially, when you’re marketing jewellery on social media. Conducting contests and offering giveaways is a common yet effective component of digital marketing.

Organic Engagements are Necessary

Paid Advertisements across social media platforms and search engines will surely boost your reach and give you the results. But it’s equally important that your content should be able to create organic engagements and generate loyal brand advocates. Imagine new customers scrolling down your page’s feed and reading reviews from your followers. Isn’t it necessary?

Engage Your Audience with Personalized Content

Jewellery brands can maximize their marketing potential with a design-driven approach. Your content should be well-crafted and defining enough to shape your customer’s experience and relate with them. During festive occasions and wedding seasons, it will be the foremost factor to sell your products. Thus, you will need a jewellery marketing specialist for an impactful approach to sky-rocket your business.