Close more Sales with Online Real Estate Marketing

Every real estate developer is considering the online medium as a significant platform to lure real estate investors and homebuyers. Real estate marketing for targeting potential buyers online has shown tremendous success in generating genuine leads. The key is your content which attracts, connects, and converts your prospects with a high-value approach.

You never know when a potential homebuyer may be scrolling through your company’s feed. You’ll need to build a robust digital environment that connects with their requirements and focuses on conversion. Implementing proven ways to gain real estate leads through digital media demands an online ecosystem that’s highly comprehensive.

Consider the following Online Real Estate Marketing Statistics

  • 99% of those looking for homes use the internet to research about properties. [Source: AdWeek]
  • 86% of young-age home shoppers say they would use video to learn about a specific residential project. [Source: AdWeek]
  • 87% of real estate marketers said that their social media efforts generated more exposure for their projects. [Source: Fronetics]

In an increasingly digital age, it’s crucial for real estate brands to transform their online environment and personalize their approach. Brands should strive to make every online interaction a unique and memorable one. From demographic data to customer journey statistics, an insightful targeting will not only help to generate leads but it’ll also enhance your brand’s visibility.

Remember – the greater the visibility, the larger the exposure.


Identifying Customer’s Need

  • Understanding the factors that build impetus for them to purchase a new flat/take on rent.

Leveraging Data, Analytics & Insights

  • Market segmentation as per demographics and recognizing variables that shape the buying decision-making process.

Creating Content that Connects

  • Crafting innovative designs based on knowledge, attitude, motivation, personality, etc. that relates to socio-economic traits of the market segment.

Measuring Impact and Re-strategizing

  • Conversation Monitoring, calculating reach on each channel, ROI-focused analytics and retargeting with an improved approach.



Social Media Marketing

  • Crafting unique designs and creating interactive posts that promote your real estate proj
  • Distributing content in a strategic manner across different social media platforms.
  • Using local language-based content to target specific market segments.
  • Reaching home loan seekers and newly married couples with personalized co
  • Creating high-value articles and promoting it with your brand’s LinkedIn channel.

Web Design & Development

  • Designing an impactful User Interface (UI) that substantiates your brand’s strength.
  • Revamping the website with fresh content and creating separate pages for all projects, etc.
  • Publishing Blogs on current trends in the housing sector to promote thought leadership.
  • Adding significant components like price comparison, Loan Advisory, Live-chat plug-in, etc. using web APIs.
  • Transforming the overall web platform into a mobile-first environment that makes it highly accessible and personalized.


  • Planning a keyword strategy and implementing it with a meticulous amalgamation of anchor keywords, location-based keywords and long-tailed ones.
  • Optimizing the page with backlinks, outbound links as well as internal links to prepare the website for SEO.
  • Performing on-page and off-page SEO to improve organic search engine
  • Running Google Ad Campaigns on determined keywords for lead generation using attractive landing pages.

Email Marketing, SMS & Whatsapp Marketing

  • Buying Database and running design-driven email marketing campaigns to promote specific housing projects.
  • Creating short and crisp messages that compel the readers for a site visit.
  • Performing SMS and Whatsapp Marketing to generate instant enquiries.

Addressing customer requirements in an accurate manner is where the overall content should be focused upon. Such a customer-centric content strategy can build a strong trust between the audience and your brand. Even the real estate rental market is burgeoning due to the customer’s obsession with online research. All you need is a well-planned digital strategy in-sync with your real estate marketing roadmap.