Strategizing for 2019 – Realizing the Promise of Social Media Networks

Internet users are immensely increasing day by day. Social media’s gravity is shifted from mere buzzword to value creation for all size of businesses. The online medium is now a highly integral component of marketing. The Digital Platform is welcoming disruptive technologies creating a global scenario which seems to be another Industrial Revolution.

Consider the following Social Media Statistics –
  • 90% of marketers agreed that their social media efforts increased their brand’s visibility. (Ignite Visibility, 2018)
  • 63% of brands found social media useful for acquiring loyal customers. (Smart Insights, 2018)
  • 60% of internet users learn about new products through social media. (AdEspresso, 2018)

The early phase of digital revolution is already here. Online Promotions and Advertisements have gained exponential rise in marketing budgets. Being open to innovation, the digitization of business processes is encompassing social media networks and search engines as core tenants.

In simple words, the internet is evolving as a perfect marketing tool to target specific markets. Brands need to build strong online presence to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Why Social Media is in the First Place?

For people to stick around your brand, you need to develop a personal connection which is made possible through the intuitive aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and etc. Know how you can depend upon the promises of these social media networks that encourage your marketing –

Crafting an Impactful Strategy

A well-defined sales success demands a robust strategy that takes your product to a whole new level. It’s about connecting with your target audience. Here, research is the foremost factor which uses data and social tools collectively to define a successful social media strategy.

Even simple animations can change the perception about your brand if it receives optimum exposure to your target market. The real game lies in the marketing objective behind your creativity. It should resonate across your online ecosystem.

Using Disruption to Your Advantage

Nowadays when disruptive technologies are transforming the industry, choosing the right tools for executing your social media plan is crucial. Your objectives play a key role in determining the best platforms and applications suitable to perform.

Putting your plan to create impact also requires social media analytics. Emerging markets can be easily targeted with an effective strategy that’s actually implemented on time. Observing social interactions and current trends enables a 360° understanding of market opportunities.

Influencing the Customer’s Experience

In a mobile-first world, people have fallen in love with social media. The amount of content generated and shared across the web every day is unbelievable. Thus, your strategy should be capable enough to penetrate and scale higher.

The distribution of your content around the web and its credibility matters a lot. This also involves complete understanding of the demographics. This year’s digital scenario calls for consistency with regular improvements. Brands need to become more customer-centric and their content should harmonize with the consumer’s needs.

Is your Business Ready to do the Big Move?

Be it a retail business, restaurant or a bank, every brand deserves a better social media strategy for 2019. Marketers can maximize their business potential with the right mix of strategy, creativity and technology. As a result, the digital landscape will act as a competitive advantage.