How Social Media is a Perfect Marketing Tool for Restaurants?

The relationship between the food industry and social media networks are getting healthier day by day.

Restaurants are increasingly active on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. to lure eaters and promote their food & drinks. People are uploading food photographs, tagging their friends and location in posts having the restaurant’s name on them. social media marketing for restaurants

Here’s an insight into what’s happening online –

  • The hashtag #foodporn receives around 90 food snaps every minute. (Brandwatch, 2018)
  • 72% of people on Facebook made a restaurant decision based on the images and comments by other users. (Empathica Research, 2018)
  • The Food and Beverage Industry received over 1 million social media mentions, out of which, 57% were for quick service restaurants. (Statista, 2018)

Even the chefs and hospitality professionals ensure that their dishes are ‘instagrammable’. Restaurants are running their campaigns actively across the internet to grab the crowd’s attention, especially during weekends, festivals and party occasions. Thus, the food industry is embracing social media marketing as a perfect tool to promote their brand online.

In another aspect, Social Media Marketing is about reaching to the core of your customers’ base and collecting the necessary feedback. The term feedback is terribly important in the food industry. And for those who are expanding their restaurant business, it’s an essential component that determines the future marketing strategies.

How it works?

A process-oriented framework for restaurants to grow online.

#1 Collect Insights

Before you proceed to transform your restaurant’s online environment, it’s crucial to perform research. It involves the evaluation of current trends, identifying competitors and understanding the demographics. This data can be leveraged in comparison with your restaurant’s cuisine, crowd and ambience for a unique impact.

The fresh features of social media platforms are a fruitful advantage for hospitality services to represent themselves uniquely. Social Media Analytics also play a pivotal role in transforming your restaurant’s visibility across the internet when you re-strategize for the next social media marketing campaign.

#2 Create an upbeat strategy

Your potential customers are planning out there for eating outside. Once you’ve got the correct insights, it becomes easier to target them with stunning design interactions. What makes your restaurant stand out amongst others? The whole online ecosystem should reflect your USP in a manner which appeals to everyone.

Determining a unique strategy is an essential part of your restaurant’s social media plan as you need to target a specific set of audience. At the same time, your social media strategy should holistically connect with everyone out there.

#3 Follow what’s trending

People on the internet love to watch videos. The online representation of dishes and mocktails has shifted from static to moving images. Adapting these design trends shapes a cuisine-defining experience for your audience. It can also be integrated with appeals that promote social and environmental factors which help in brand engagement.

Real-Time monitoring of trending topics will help create your social media posts to perform. Remember, social media is like a customer who eats like a beast and the food is content. Your restaurant’s social channels can become an ultimate forum for foodies to share their experiences.

#4 Become More Human

Every chef enjoys cooking for others. And that’s the real impetus which drives the food and hospitality industry. Like the personalized touch every chef does to the food by garnishing, even your social media networks should showcase the personal message coming from your brand.

It starts with the logo, the colour scheme as well as the tone of your content. Like every restaurant has its own speciality, it also has similar audiences who mutually connect with your brand’s thought. Maybe that’s why social media is considered a powerful platform to create loyal customers.

#5 Use Brand Advocates

Maintaining brand loyalty isn’t something that carries along. You need to put regular efforts in managing the relationship with customers so that they recommend your restaurant to their peers. They are the cheerleaders which not only promote your brand but also guide you with their precious feedback and suggestions.

You can also reach out to the top food critics who will help in Influencer Marketing for your restaurant. These are the social media moguls who can leverage your restaurant business at a higher pace. An influencer with the same traits of your ideal customer will work the best.

#6 Engage with Excitement

It’s a big risk if you don’t drive engagement posts to keep promoting your special dishes and drinks. Using contests, quiz, sweepstakes, etc. altogether encompasses your target audience around your brand. All you need is to perfectly fit your business offerings in form of discount coupons, couple entries, etc.

Social Media Engagement matters the most for public relations. If you’re planning to launch a new product or service, these organic engagements will provide you the initial boost essential for your strategy to work.

Increase Restaurant Revenue in New, Creative ways.

The food delivery market is on the rise and the competition for restaurants is reaching a new paradigm. In an age of disruptions, success is only possible through innovative and creative strategies both online and offline. Social Media is a modern word-of-mouth marketing strategy which can contribute to your restaurant business in the most effective way. Are you working on it?