The Next Big Thing (Doctors Blog)

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The Next Big Thing - How Will Digital Marketing will help the Doctors!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others” – Gandhi

Today’s scenario has proved that the doctors have adopted and implemented this quote in their lives. We’re immensely grateful for their dedication and determination towards their work.

Now, all of us know that marketing is the core of any business to set the bar in the respective sector. It is believed that marketing is not for doctors, but everyone will agree, that it’s their moral responsibility to share knowledge, create awareness, and educate people. The bigger question that stands in front of them is how?

For a decade, the world had gone digital hence, our doctors also need to be present where the people are “all ears” to follow their instructions and take precautions!

Here are a few simple steps that can help the doctors convey their message:

1.Social Media Pages
The world is hooked to social media, every second there are updates, stories, and pictures of people’s lives! It is like a whole new world by itself! Hence, it’s time to update yourself and create a business page on Facebook from your personal profile. For Instagram, you can convert your own handle to a business page, or you can create a separate profile.

2.Invite People to Like your Page
The main motive of creating a page is to make people aware of certain health precautions, give them health tips, and solve their minimal health problems. So, put your friends and family to work! Invite them to like your page and tell them to invite others to the same as well, this will give your page a wide reach.

3.Share Content & Join Groups
3.When you have quite a pair of ears & eyes on your page, start sharing contents like tips on increasing immunity, precautions, do’s and don’ts, myths and facts, etc. For more reach, you can join other Facebook groups of your community, area, and other knowledge-sharing groups, and start sharing your own content on these pages as well.

4. Create a YouTube Page
Another thing that you can try is to create a YouTube channel. Starts creating small videos on health tips, post it on YouTube, and share those links across your Social Media Handles!

5. Post Regularly
5.If you start a page, you must be consistent and regular with your posting, to keep your audience engaged, come up every day with new beneficial tips!

6.Ask for Reviews
The word of mouth still does its magic, ask your patients to put up reviews on your Facebook page as well as Google business page. This will immensely help in growing people’s trust in your service.

7.Hyperlocal Targeting
Now, it’s time to dig deeper! Start promoting your content based on the audience you want to target. For example, if you are a diabetologist, and your target audience is people suffering from diabetes, then promote your video to the people who are residing within 5 kilometers. These people have a higher chance of connecting with you for a consultation.

8. Start going live on Facebook and Instagram
Live interaction with your audience will give your service a boost! Select a topic that you want to talk about and the questions of the viewers will automatically pour-in, answer these one at a time. This is a great way to connect with your audience and solve their queries!

All these steps will not only help you to increase patients' footfalls, but it will also give the audience correct knowledge and will create trust among the people. As social media is an easily accessible platform, people can connect with you even if they are in some other city. It will help you to increase your boundaries, build personal branding, and will open many opportunities.