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Programmatic Advertising

Driving the right audience to your brand

Programmatic advertising brings data into the ad-buying equation and makes the process both automated and programmable through algorithms and software platforms. This cuts out the key elements of the old ad-buying interaction that required a salesperson and makes the whole process more efficient.

  • 1. Display Advertising

    Extensive reach, concrete brand image, and target potential customers on premium inventory!

    Retarget your potential consumers, and seize all the opportunities of conversions!

    Expand your reach across several publishers to gain the highest reach & ROI.

    Accurately measure the efficiency of your display ad campaigns through our comprehensive reports.

    Elevate your ad's performance with our advanced & aggregated data-management tools.

  • 2. Mobile Advertising

    We deliver creative ads that are compatible across any sort of mobile device & multiple O.S.

    Our AI & ML guided quick targeting delivers suitable ads based on the android and OS version.

    We offer creative & cutting-edge advertisements in mobile web or in-app ad environments.

    We offer various ad formats that allow you to pick the ones that meet your requirements!

  • 3. Native Advertising

    Capture the eyes of your target audience from 10+ languages through regional publishers.

    We offer a creative browsing experience with ads that blend easily with the webpage content.

    When compared to banner or display ads, Native Ads give you approximately 52% more optimal impressions.

    Native ads have proved to be more successful and have given a CTR% multiple times higher.

    Native ads are more organic and attract the individual's attention with advanced targeting.

  • 4. Rich Media & Video Advertising

    We offer accurate quartile and placement reports to evaluate the impressions of your ads.

    Deliver customized and suitable ads through multiple targeting options like audiences, devices, and context.

    Our video ads equip you with high completion rates, driving the maximum people to your video promotions.

    To suit your requirements, we Instream & Outstream Video Formats, for you to easily reach your audience.

    Through our attractive video ads, we drive a high-quality audience and premium video inventories from publishers worldwide.

  • 5. DOOH media

    No ad blockages, like folds or changing channels from time to time.

    It helps you to build a qualitative and relatable connection with your potential customers.

    Obtain a measurable brand recall through accurate attribution reports.

    Get comprehensively demographics and viewership report.