Future Of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is the new uproar in recent times; people are indulging in the pool of the digital world to upscale their business. There are numerous aspects that contribute to the optimization like, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning & Buying, Website Development, Branding, etc. But what does the future holds for this blooming sector? Let’s skim into the details!

We all are aware of the 4Ps, but have you heard about the 4E’s?

The 4Ps of marketing that are product, place, price, promotion needs a little upgrading, and the 4Es that are Experience, Everyplace, Exchange, and Engagement/ Evangelism are turning out to be immensely important for the businesses to drive in the audiences.

Now, instead of concentrating just in their product marketers are valuing the customer experience as their top priority, so that changes the first P (Product) into Experience. It's 2019; the 2nd P (Place) has changed to Everyplace, people tend to research about the product before buying it, so placing your product in the online sector is the smart thing to do. There are so many methods/mediums to advertise or market the products; the marketers can choose whichever medium that directs towards their target audience easily. The third P i.e. Price is replaced by Exchange because, in today’s time customers always lookout for more about you could give them in exchange for purchasing your product and i.e. the updates about launching a new product, offers, basically a better customer experience. Now the fourth, Promotion is thumped with Engagement or Evangelism. Connection & relevance is the clue, just promoting the product blindly won’t work. The marketers need to find the emotion and the connection of their product in order to sell it to their Target Audience. The key to good business is utilizing the old and the new methods whenever needed.

In this 21st century, people don’t only buy the products but look out for more services & relevance. Hence, it is essential that the marketers drive their attention towards how they can add more value to their product instead of just selling so that it benefits their customers. One way can be by being in touch with your customers through social media pages. Engaging with the audience always acts in your benefit, they feel secure about your product and hence they stay loyal.

Today, the world is piled up at social media & it has become super essential to boost your business in this platform. We’re sure that you must have heard about influencer marketing, it has a great reach & a fabulous impact over the audience. As they have thousands & millions of followers and their fan base it is easy for them to market your product efficiently. In the future years, marketers can pull out a great deal through Influencer Marketing. Other than this, emotions hold huge importance and it reflects human behavior. The marketers should build an emotional connect through music or a story so that it increases the relevance and keeps the audience engrossed. If properly utilized, an emotional appeal can do wonders!

Planting the seed in the digital world can be challenging but we’re here to assist you with everything. your Digital Journey with us, visit our website or send an email to info@sociobliss.com.

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