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Transol Case Study

1. The title -
How we attracted 750+ organic traffic on the page, amid lockdown?

2. The client -
Transol Fitness Studio is one of the prestigious gyms in Borivali West, equipped with the latest equipment and certified trainers.

3. Conception -
In the wake of COVID-19, the main focus was to give a humanizing touch to the brand by keeping our audience engage with us organically and blend our marketing strategy accordingly.

4. Execution -
To engage with our audience and optimize our marketing strategy, we planned to conduct two live workout sessions every day by their certified trainers, and live fitness Q&A with one of the elite fitness icons.

5.Approach -
Initially, we meticulously analyzed the data, and to create brand recall among the existing customers, we started with the traditional and the most effective - Email Marketing and WhatsApp Marketing. To set aground on the online environment, Sociobliss designed Eurotecniche India’s Facebook and Instagram profiles that host an extensive portfolio of their products and machinery. In the second month, we started with the Facebook add runs and it gave a tremendous response!

6.Results – Design graph
By respecting the marketing budget, and without running any promotions, we drove 100% organic - 750+ profile visits in just 7 days! Attracted 110+ New followers The profile reach rose up to 1600 The impressions hiked up to 2600+ 500+ audiences at the time of the live video.

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