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Tailored the social media strategy according to the client's need, and generated promising leads across PAN India and Dubai

Key Achievements:

Facebook Paid Reach - 8,452,931
Instagram Reach - 3,022,270
Generated Leads - 8500+

The Client-

Assure is a dermatology clinic that offers Skin Treatments, Hair Care Treatments, and Hair Transplant Services with a presence across India, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

The Challenge-

Assure already had a great brand presence in the digital realm, but the leads that were generated through social media had a low conversion rate and a high CPL. They wished to attract quality leads to their Hair Transplant Camps worldwide.

The Strategy-

  • Realigned their online presence by designing posts that spoke to their audience and gave solutions according to their hair & skin problems.
  • Designed ad videos that were focused on the Free Hair Transplant Consultation Camps and addressed the client's problem in a very straightforward manner.
  • Used mediums such as Google Search, Display and Facebook ads to generate optimal leads.

The Results-

  • The Facebook Paid Reach rose to - 8,452,931
  • The Instagram Reach increased up to - 3,022,270
  • Pulled down the CPL from 800 to 250.
  • Generated 8500+ leads from the first month itself.